By Christian Ladigowski



It looks like Pixar has done it again with their latest release, “The Good Dinosaur,” a movie that is sure to become an instant family hit.

The film begins on a farm inhabited by Arlo the dinosaur and his father, mother, brother and sister. However, after their first interactions with the protagonist, in which he is unable to stop a group of chickens from stealing from the farm, the audience can see that he is a quite fearful.

Later, though, the film takes an unexpected turn as Arlo’s father is caught in a flood while attempting to find a thieving boy. This sets the pace for the rest of the film as it leaves Arlo to find his own way with only the inspirational words of his father guiding him.

The movie, which is the newest addition to Disney’s family of animated films, is reminiscent of another notable Disney work, “The Lion King.” While the two films are stylistically different in regards to their animation, they share overarching themes such as the importance of family, finding your own way and perseverance in tough circumstances.

In fact, the similarities don’t stop there. Fans of “The Lion King” may notice that the plots of the movies are quite similar as well. In both movies a son is driven to follow a new path after the death of his father, during which they meet new and exciting strangers that help them in their quests.

Even key elements of the movies’ plots are strikingly similar, with both films having three main antagonists, ghost visages of their respective deceased father figures and he emergence of a new father figure in the form of the protagonists themselves.

All in all, the film was enjoyable on both a visual and emotional level. What Pixar does well with their animation is compounded with characters and plot lines that raw audience members in on personal levels, providing a sense of catharsis for viewers of all ages.

With timeless themes such as the importance of courage and determination in tough circumstances, this movie transcends any expectations you’d have for a “simple” animated family movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone as a result.