By Mandela Wells




Although “Prometheus” isn’t as highly regarded as others in the “Alien” franchise, there was one major highlight from the 2012 film: Michael Fassbender‘s performance as David the Android. Critics applauded the performance and resulted in his return in the upcoming “Alien: Covenant.”

The Oscar nominee will be playing two roles in the film. Unfortunately though, there has been no word as to the names of these characters.

Fassbender won’t be the only star returning however, it was recently revealed that Noomi Rapace, the sole survivor of “Prometheus,” will be returning to her role as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw as well.

Ridley Scott also revealed that the title will reflect the name of a colony ship that will be traveling to a remote planet which is mistaken for an undiscovered paradise.

Shooting is set to begin in March and the movie will hit cinemas on October 6, 2017.