By Edward Delaney


A biopic on a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine has begun production by Gulfstream Pictures.


The film is an adaptation of the book “Balanchine and the Lost Muse: Revolution and the Making of a Choreographer” by Elizabeth Kendall and will be produced by Bill Bindley and Mark Karz.


The screenplay is currently being adapted by David K. Israelb, who has also written music for ballets and authored the novel “Behind Everyman.” He also is in the working on developing a few one-hour television dramas.


Kendall is also wrote “Autobiography of a Wardrobe,” “American Daughter: Discovering My Mother,” “The Runaway Bride: Hollywood Romantic Comedy of the 1930s,” and “Where She Danced.”


As for the book itself, it focuses on George Balanchine’s love life with Lidia Ivanova, throughout the Russian Revolution in 1917 and concludes at Balanchine’s escape from Russia in 1924.
Gulfstream Pictures has previously produced the film “The Nut Job”, and are finishing up a comedy titled “Mother’s Day”.


With Gulfstream also producing “King David,” based on Rabbi David Wolpe’s book “David: The Divided Heart,” there can be no guaranteed release date for the biopic just yet.