By Mandela Wells



Following this summer’s reboot, “Fantastic Four” it seems as though there may not be a “Fantastic Four” sequel in the future after all, and as of November 24th, 20th Century Fox has taken the film off of it’s release calendar.

“Fantastic Four 2” was originally set to hit theaters on June 19, 2017 but after the first movie received harsh criticism from critics and audiences alike, it is no surprise that the second movie was pulled until further notice.

Leading up to its release, the original “Fantastic Four” faced problems during production and in post-production which continued until the last days leading up to it’s release.

The film’s director Josh Trank commented on these issues, and said that’s original vision for the film was not reflected in the finished project, and went on to say that the picture would have done much better if it  panned out the way he originally intended it to.

In fact, the film’s deleted scenes offer an insight into this original vision and include ideas like the Fantasti-Car and an extended fight between The Thing (Jamie Bell) and Doctor Doom (Toby Kebbell).

Despite the film’s shortcomings, however, there have been whispers that the superhero group may make another appearance in an upcoming “X-Men,” feature. However, these rumors are unconfirmed, meaning only time will tell if the heroes will return to the silver screen.