By Lyndsay Crescenti


I think it’s interesting that Universal is making a second​ Snow White and the Huntsman movie. Interesting, because there is no Snow White (Kristen Stewart) in this second installment, The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Judging by what was information was available for interpretation from the trailer, there is no Snow White to drive her own legend. Instead, the story focuses around a conflict involving the Ice Queen, played by Emily Blunt, and her older sister, the Evil Queen, played by Charlize Theron. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as the Huntsman, and Jessica Chastain rounds out the main cast as the Warrior. However, from the trailer alone I did not think there was much information given to the audience about the storyline. Most of the trailer revolved around the Ice Queen, while the Huntsman popped in for some interesting action sequences. 

I think this could mean one of two things: that either the Huntsman plays a smaller role in this film, and the action is driven form the conflict between sisters, or the Huntsman’s role in the film is greater than the trailer is portraying and the trailer was made intentionally to throw the viewer off from some larger story arc. And how will they explain away Snow’s absence? Either way, check out The Huntsman: Winter War trailer for yourself and see the movie when it hits theaters in April 22, 2016.