By Mandela Wells



Black Canary has been featured on the hit CW Television show “Arrow” for the past two years and now will be getting her own feature film.

Actresses Katie Cassidy and Caity Lotz have both played incarnations of Black Canary on  the CW show and now DC Universe is discussing giving the character a full-length feature with the possibility of appearing in either part one or two of the upcoming Justice League films. It was also reported that if the film was a success, a “Birds of Prey” movie might be made as well.

The character, which is also know by the alias Dinah Laurel Lance, is a superhero that frequently teams up with The Green Arrow in the fictional Star City. She is skilled in martial arts and is widely known for her powerful “canary cries,” a sonic screech that defeats her enemies.

In the spin-off comics, “Birds of Prey,” Black Canary was part of an all-female superhero group which include Bat Girl, Huntress, Katana, and Lady Blackhawk among others.

While still in it’s early days, studios are eyeing Abbey Lee (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Alona Tal (“Supernatural”) for the role of the hero.

If production continues, “Black Canary” should make it’s first appearance in 2017 with the release of the Justice League film.