By Mandela Wells



With the recent announcement of Colin Farrell possibly joining Justice League Dark as John Constantine, it no surprise that Warner Brothers would release another update of the film’s progress. On Tuesday, it was released that Anton Arcade, the nemesis of Swamp Thing, would be playing the main antagonist of the film.

In the comics, Arcane was a scientist obsessed with finding the secret to immortality. After conducting experiments on dead bodies, he finally figured it out. However, he had aged so much by then that he would need a new body to carry him through time. After failing to transfer his spirit to the monstrous Un-Men creation he look to transfer it to Swamp Thing leading to decades of battles between the two. Though, no matter how many times Arcane would die, he seemed to arise with new magical abilities.

After the New 52 kick off, Arcane was resurrected as The Black (A.K.A. The Rot) as an elemental force that connected him to death and decay. With his new powers, he then tried to destroy The Green (which was connected to plant life) and The Red (which was connected to animal life), leading to the Rotworld crossover in the Swamp Thing and Animal Man comics. Arcane also happens to be the uncle of Abigail Arcane, Swamp Thing’s love interest.

It was recently reported that Ben Mendelsohn could play the role. If chosen it would be his second time in a DC Comic film after his appearance as John Daggery in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.