By Mandela Wells



As a shorty back in the day I used to love watching my main man Charlie Brown. The Peanuts were a fun joyous group of kids who were all characters. Snoopy, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Linus, Pigpen, and the others were all notable animation faces that I remembered from my childhood when it came to be Christmas time and thanksgiving but even just the show itself. The Peanuts movie brings back the magic and fun and even the hilarity of Mr. Browns Adventures with his friends. With the same voice actors as before and musical theme, the film stays true to what made it a hit for people of all ages.

Charlie Brown is back! the whole gang and Brown return to give us a new story in which Charlie Brown finds someone he likes and he goes to great lengths to overcome his fear of talking to her. Throughout the picture we reminded of the legend of brown and his many misfortunes but also his compassionate nature.

It was really good. Charlie Browns always great to watch. the animation wasn’t bad it was only like small things I wish they could have left out but still very good. even had moments were it paid homage to the old style animation cartoon itself. Going in I had forgotten how zany and funny these characters were as I was genuinely laughing at times. it got across messages relating to insecurities, trying to be something, being a compassionate person and of course when you have a crush on someone. I loved that they used the classic theme for the movie

This folks is the perfect kids movie. one of a few films I’ve seen this year where the whole theater clapped. Go see it you will not be disappointed.

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