By Mandela Wells



The “007” franchise has been a beloved franchise for over 53 years and has produced some of the most memorable images, lines, styles, villains, stunts and gadgets in the spy sub genre of action films. All of these films have drilled into our heads one of the most heavily quoted film lines in pop culture, “The Names Bond…James Bond.” In recent years the “Bond” films have had quite the resurgence with Daniel Craig and as of the last film Sam Mendes. Skyfall was a huge hit and currently my favorite Bond film ever. Skyfall provided high caliber performance, smooth and sleek swagger, beautiful women and villain unlike any other, as well as a look into our favorite spy’s childhood. Now 3 years removed from that film we get the highly anticipated Spectre.

    Spectre brings a different tone and feel from Skyfall which had delved into darker and deep territory. Spectre brings back some of the Bond humor as well as showcase beautiful landscapes. Spectre brings back home some of Bond’s past encounters as he comes face to face with the organization that as Christoph Waltz says is the “Author” behind all his pain. Despite it being a fun film to watch and excelled in the areas I expected it to it still ended up being second to Skyfall.

Months after the events of Skyfall we find James Bond in Mexico City chasing after a man named Marco Sciarra whom M requested Bond find if she were to die. Bond manages to obtain a clue and it leads him to Rome where he discovers the organization Spectre whom has ties to his past. Their leader, Frans Obenhauser has a particular connection to Bond. The story sees Bond travel to several locations while trying to figure out a way to stop this organization who plan on doing more than trying to terminate Bond.

So Like I said this was pretty good. very fun to watch as always but I cant Deny I Prefer Skyfall over this one. Skyfall was much fresher and everything about seemed incredible authentic. Skyfall just managed to do things a little bit better than here but by no means was this a bad film. Interesting thing here is it almost at time seemed like it was faltering in scenes but it picked things back up very quickly a testament to Sam Mendes skills as a director. Tad bit more light hearted than previous installments more on the jokes this time within the dialogue. Good Score here. the Sam Smith song writings on the wall was good but in my opinion a far cry from “Skyfall” by Adele

Daniel Craig was pretty good here. got to see yet another side of bond here his take. More compassion this time bit more of a softer side to him. Christoph waltz fit in perfectly with the franchise he provided such elegance with Frans… or is he Blofeld? dun dun duuuuun. Lea Seydoux was alright in here not bad but alright. will give props they wrote her as a strong enough woman that she knows how to defend herself

I didn’t like what they did with some characters, I wanted to see more of Monica Bellucci, I wanted Hinx to talk or at least have more dialogue there were to many moments were he could have said something, finally having C be a villain as part of spectre didn’t really do it for me I really didn’t care if he was apart of the organization.

Spectre is the movie for right now to check out but looking back on it your probably not gonna watch this a whole lot and may question if you want to see this when it hits HBO. But for now its still the best movie to check out until Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.

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