By Mandela Wells



A 2nd trailer has been released for NFL Drama Concussion which stars 2 time Academy Award nominee Will Smith. Smith plays real life Doctor Bennet Omalu. Omalu was a Nigerian doctor who as a kid aspired to make it in America as a doctor. As shown in the trailer Omalu curiosity is peaked when he sees on television the death of Hall of Fame Football player Mike Webster who died partly because of mental illness. Omalu discovers that what really did him in (so to speak) was head trauma from repeated Concussions in NFL Games.

Omalu begins to discover that this is actually a conspiracy and that the NFL had known about players getting concussions and suffering from mental illness for many years and said nothing. Albert Brooks’s character Cyril H Wecht points out to Omalu that he is “going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week.” The NFL isn’t going down with a fight here as we see they are willing to do whatever it takes to shut Omalu up and keep all of this a secret. However Omalu is backing down either and is determined to see them tell the truth as he emphatically demands at the end of the trailer.

Will Smith and Albert Brooks star alongside Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Paul Reiser, Luke Wilson, Richard T Jones, David Morse and Smith’s Suicide Squad co star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. The film is directed and written by Peter Landesman. Concussion arrives in theaters Christmas Day. scroll down to check out the new trailer.