By Mandela Wells



It’s finally here! The trailer to the legendary Spike Lee’s next film Chi-Raq has finally been released. The trailer begins by pointing out how more people have been killed in Chicago recently than American Special forces in Iraq before Mr. Samuel L Jackson makes his grand entrance in orange suit as a local pimp. Jackson narrates the trailer as he boldly welcomes the audience to Chi-Raq which is the song Nick Cannon’s character performs at a club in the next scene. The trailer supplies the violence as Nick Cannon is shown with a gun as well as Wesley Snipes as part of local Chicago gang.

One of the more interesting highlights comes from a local band of hood women uniting together as part of a no sexual pleasure campaign, making the oath “I will deny all rights of access or entrance”. These women are all lead by a woman named Lysistrata played by Teyonah Parris, who use the campaign to stop the “murder madness” as Jackson says. Angela Bassett is also shown helping out Lysistrata.

The trailer’s slight comedic tone shifts to a more dramatic feel as we see John Cusack and Jennifer Hudson appear. The two are shown campaigning for the violence to stop. Many other scenes play out as we come to see that Spike Lee’s next film will be one to start an important conversation on gun violence.

Other actors making an appearance in this film include Steve Harris (The Practice), Harry Lennix (Man of Steel,The Blacklist), La La Anthony and The Wire alums Isaiah Whitlock Jr, and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson. The film is being produced by Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions. Chi Raq will hit theaters December 4th. Scroll down to check out the trailer.