By Mandela Wells



Dianna Agronn had a very successful run on Glee for many years. Glee is now over many of the stars have gone on to start new solo careers. Agronn despite having done a film with Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Phiffer is still looking to distance herself from Glee. Bare is her latest attempt at doing so. The movie sees her, Paz de La Huerta and director Natalia Leite bring us into a dark fantasy of sorts filled with many things that are the complete opposite of what the glee characters were surrounded by. However this film really falls flat in giving us something extraordinary with those elements. I really wished this had been great, honestly did.

Bare is story of Sarah Barton a girl who is bored with her life. She one day meets a female drifter named Pepper. The two begin a lesbian romance as pepper introduces her to more exciting lifestyle filled with stripping, drugs, and psychedelic spiritual experiences. As Sarah delves more and more into this life she begins to lose grip of herself and struggles to maintain a sense of identity.

So this film had it had good intentions and pretty good concept. it kind of falls flat at times of being something extraordinary or appealing. Like just when it seems like we gonna get something good it just falters. Paz de la heurta too me did a terrible acting job she sounded like she was drunk the whole time and didn’t come off as mysterious and alluring as one should be in a role like this especially when your described as a drifter. nothing really peak my interest with this character. Dianna Agronn was pretty good though her character is pretty believable. she does well in playing a girl who’s figuratively opening her eyes to a whole new world she’s never been apart of before. she’s taking risks

score was pretty cool. dialogue wasn’t great. script itself just was disappointing and same with the directing. by the end of the movie you don’t really care as to what kind of woman she has become because the events weren’t as shaking and monumental as one would have hoped.

Bare is well… bad, just plain bad. Honestly a waste of an hour and 30 mintues. go check something else out.

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