By Mandela Wells



Today is Halloween and of the many Halloween films people check out one of them is Trick R Treat. The film was released 6 years ago but it is still the go to film on the holiday that celebrates everything scary. Now reports have come out this week that Trick’ R Treat 2 is in the works. In a recent interview director Michael Dougherty talked about the film and how one of his goals was to dive further into the history of Halloween which he finds fascinating, “I feel like the first film really just scratched the surface in terms of exploring what really goes on in the shadows of Halloween, and it was, for me, the first film is really just introducing audiences to the notion that, yes, strange creepy magical things do happen on Halloween and here’s a peek behind the curtain, and so, with the next film, we do want to peek behind the curtain more into asking why.”

The movie is an anthology that not looks into the traditions of the Halloween, but even establishes its own horror icon in the burlap sack-headed Sam.

Doughterty promises that the structure of the  follow-up will function the same as the original. He explained that “I think the book is very different in terms of the structure. Like you pointed out, the book hops around between time periods, but that’s just so we could really fill in a little bit of backstory about how far back things go. The next film will be closer to the first film in terms of its structure and setting.”

New word has been mentioned on the films release date. However you can catch Dougherty’s next film Krampus on December 4th of this year.

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