By Ryan Williams


It’s rare for a studio to make a movie based on a theme park ride, but Disney owns so many properties that the company can afford to do produce whatever it pleases. Now, one of Disney’s most beloved theme park rides, Tower of Terror, is getting its own movie. Screenwriter John August, best known for writing Big Fish, developed a treatment for the film which Disney approved, but plot details are still under wraps.

We know that it will follow travelers who get lost in a hotel, but we don’t know how much of the story will take place in the elevator. We also don’t know how intense the movie will be. Because it’s backed by Disney, there’s a chance the studio could take a kid-friendly angle. Even with Disney’s PG-13 “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, the films were tame enough for children to enjoy. Horror movies, however, tend to be more successful with older audiences. If the movie doesn’t look scary enough, Disney will risk putting off true horror fans. The ride is based on The Twilight Zone, but the movie will reportedly remove its connection to the show and invent a new story.

Tower of Terror is a well-known and adored ride. The idea of a movie counterpart is exciting, especially considering the amount of people who go to Disney theme parks every day, as well as the novelty of a movie based on a ride. The movie is bound to have a successful opening weekend regardless of the angle it takes.