By Mandela Wells



A new Daddy’s Home trailer has been released with even more jokes than before. The new trailer for the comedy picture gives us the same intro as the first but now we see more of their first meet in the airport in which Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) hilarious denies he is rusty when asked by Brad (Will Ferrell). The two later meet at the home of Sarah (Linda Cardellini) Dusty’s ex wife and Brad’s current wife. They immediately get into what Dusty refers as an “old fashion dad off.” Dusty gets to telling his kids about a mythical story about the Step King, Brad gets the kids tickets to the Lakers game which Dusty counter acts by getting them photos with Kobe Bryant and near the end of the trailer he builds them a skate park which ends badly for Brad. All this and more hilarity ensue as Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are reunited here for their 2nd film together.

The movie is directed by Sean Anders and it is set to be released Christmas day. Scroll down to check out the new trailer.