By Mandela Wells



Natalie Portman’s Jane got a Gun has been delayed for a quite some time. it was supposed to have been released last August but it was cancelled by Relativity who pushed it to February 2015 then September 4th before completely going bankrupt and leaving the movies release in limbo. Now The Weinstein Company has acquired the film and it will thankfully see an actual release now

The first trailer for the film has been released and we come to see a interesting western story involving a woman named Jane (Portman) who comes to find her Husband Bill a.k.a “Ham(Noah Emmerich) very badly injured. She sets off to find an old fiance of hers named Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton) for help against the men who fought against her husband and took her daughter. We come to find later that these men are known as The Bishop Boys and are lead by a man named John Bishop (Ewan McGregor). The trailer highlights not only the uphill battle Frost and Jane have to face but their unique relationship at the time of this movie.

Rodrigo Santoro and Boyd Halbrook make up the rest of the cast for this picture. Gavin O’Connor, who directed films such as Tumbleweeds, Pride and Glory, Warrior and Miracle directed this picture which had wrapped up production back in 2013. February 2016 is when you can expect the film in theaters. Scroll down to check out the trailer.