By Megan McGuire


Love, Loyalty, and Family. These three words describe the plot of the 20th Century Fox film Joy, due to hit theaters this Christmas. The newest trailer was released this past Wednesday.

The trailer shapes the tale of a woman, played by none other than Jennifer Lawrence, coming into her own through the thicket of business and a dysfunctional family. Through hard work and a bit of hard attitude, she becomes a matriarch in her own right, moving towards the top in any way she can.

Her father, a rough, hardened sarcastic man played by Robert De Niro, and the divorce from his wife, Virginia Madsen, have obviously shaped the life of Lawrence’s character. After becoming valedictorian of her high school class and graduating from college, she returns home to deal with her family problems and meets a man played by Edgar Ramirez, who eventually becomes her husband (of which De Niro does not approve of).

The plot thickens with other notable appearances by Diane Ladd, Bradley Cooper, Dacha Polanco, Isabella Rossellini, and Elisbeth Röhm. Director David O. Russell and his screenplay set up what seems as a masterful comedic drama full of betrayal, loss, and downright pure emotion from every character through each stage of Lawrence’s character’s life.

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