By Mandela Wells



Several months ago Gambit lost its director Rupert Wyatt. Wyatt dropped out of Gambit after Fox Studios had allegedly stated that they felt he was not as committed to the project as they would have liked .Fans were concerned as to who could take up the mantle after hearing this news. It seems now a replacement may have been found in Edge of Tommorow director Doug Liman. According to The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider Channing Tatum has been talking with Liman as of late. This was confirmed in a tweet by Sneider saying “True that Channing Tatum has been courting Doug Liman to direct GAMBIT. We’ll see if he goes for it though…”

Since Edge of Tommorow was such a success Liman has been offered a number of different projects to helm and so it makes Fox Studios task of nabbing him that much harder. There’s talk of him possible doing Edge of Tomorrow 2 with Tom Cruise, who has expressed his desire to re team with Liman once again. The pair recently worked together on the Drug film Mena, and they’re both eyeing Luna Park, a long-in-development sci-fi flick about a renegade crew of former space workers who travel to the moon to steal a particular energy source.

Gambit will Feature Channing Tatum as the titular character and Spectre’s Lea Seydoux. is currently scheduled for release next year on October 7, 2016