By Mandela Wells



For the first time ever a movie about Jesse Owens has been made and it will be arriving in theaters this coming February. The movie is called Race and the trailer for it is out now. The trailer features Selma’s Stephan James as the legendary Black Olympian who won a record breaking 4 gold medals at the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. The trailer highlights how back in College, Owens was a natural born talent and impressed his Track Coach Larry played by Jason Sudeikis on many occasions. Owens is given the opportunity to go win a gold medal in Berlin, but as well all know with the Nazi Regime and the tensions even at home Owens had a lot to overcome. shots of the games, a tense moment between athlete and coach and even Hitler making an appearence at the games all play out in the trailer.

Along with James and Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons, William Hurt, Amanda Crew and Game of Thrones Carice Van Houten all appear in the film. The movie is directed by Stephen Hopkins. February 19th is when you can expect to see Race at a theater near you. Scroll down to view the trailer