By William Tarashuk


Bryan Cranston started his career as the funny dad on Malcolm in the Middle, after that his career was on and off. That is, until Breaking Bad premiered in 2008. Cranston soon found himself the most evil man on TV.

According to Metro, Bryan Cranston wants to play a Marvel villain sometime in the future. As you can imagine the internet took this news and ran with it and speculation is running wild. However, there is still a catch. “Create one from scratch,” Cranston said. “I don’t know what I would do but it would be nasty.”

Fans have already started fantasizing who they could see Cranston play, specifically Cranston’s suggestion of playing X-Men villain Mr. Sinister.

If you ask me I think it would be a great idea to have him play a villain. If he said this a year or two ago, who knows, we could have seen Bryan Cranston play Lex Luthor instead of Jessie Eisenberg. That would have been a huge casting move. Cranston would have delivered and fans would have been a lot more excited.

Other rumors are that he could also play Norman Osborne. Willem Dafoe did a fantastic portrayal of the Green Goblin in 2002’s Spider-Man, so, for me, it would be hard to beat. I have no doubt he could pull it off but Dafoe is one of my favorite actors so I have some bias there.

Norman Osborne would be a great fit too because he has the split personality. There is Norman Osborne and then there is the sinister Goblin. Cranston easily went back and forth between Walter White and Heisenberg so the dual personality works to his advantage.

An original villain would be an interesting concept. I respect the man for wanting to play something original but I don’t think that is the right call. Marvel movies are built around characters people are already familiar with and a new villain could be interesting but half of the excitement of a new Marvel movie is seeing who the villain will be.

I think it’s a risk to have Cranston play an original villain but if that is the only way he would sign on, then I say let him do it.