By Mandela Wells



2 years ago Brad Pitt dropped out of an Espionage thriller known as The Grey Man. Since then, the film has had major difficulty getting developed and has been in development hell. Recently some hope has been glimmered on the project as it has been confirmed that Charlize Theron will take up the lead role Pitt dropped out of. The film follows the story of an ex-CIA operative who goes on the run in order to save his two daughters he never knew existed. With Theron joining there is the issue of a gender switch in the lead role but it is nothing that has not been done before.

Tom Cruise was once up for a lead role in a film called Edwin A Salt. However after dropping out Angelina Jolie took up the lead role and the film ended morphing into the successful 2010 thriller Salt. Globably the film made $293.5 million, on a $110 million budget. It was a prime example of how a studio was able to fix a writing issue and still be successful.

The Grey Man will most likely undergo a title change as well as rewrite the character Charlize Theron is now playing. No release date nor cast as been announced for this film as of yet.