By Edward Delaney


Bryan Cranston has always had a vast filmography. I remember him as Hal, the quirky dad in Malcolm in the Middle when I watched the sitcom as a kid. During that era, no one ever expected Bryan Cranston to be so talented at playing anti-heroes until this guy killed it in the hit AMC original series Breaking Bad. We as an audience have admired Walter White as a badass meth dealer. I will admit, I was very behind the curve in keeping up with the show Breaking Bad.Cranston is keeping up with this villain tradition now that he has announced that he wants to play a comic book marvel villain.

In fact, just recently Cranston announced that he specifically wanted to play the X-Men arch nemesis, Mister Sinister. After seeing some fan sketches, of what such a role may potentially look like, I really would like to see it happen. I looked into Mister Sinister, and he is known for having the super powers of telekinesis, telepathy, and super strength. Imagine a guy like that duking it out with Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine? Doesn’t that sound awesome? Cranston could make the evil genius that is Mister Sinister way less of a stereotypical corny bad guy, and much more like someone who shouldn’t be messed with.

We have seen many X-men villains in the past films such as Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen as Magneto, but Mister Sinister has never made it to screen yet. No I just wonder what Fox and Marvel Studios will think of this proposition, and if they will make it happen or not.