By Mandela Wells



Donnie Yen is back! the first teaser trailer for Ip Man 3 has been released. Although it is short we once again see the fast paced fights that have been a staple in the last three films. Yen for the third time portrays the Wing Chun Grandmaster Yip Man who famously taught the legendary Martial Artist and actor Bruce Lee. The first film took place in 1930’s the next film in the 1950’s. Now based on the trailer it seems this third film will be set in somewhat more modern times. One of the biggest highlights of the trailer is the face off between former Boxing Legend Mike Tyson and Yen as Tyson says “lets see who’s fist are faster, yours or mine”

The movie will also feature Chinese model Lynn Hung, actors Zhang Jin, Patrick Tam, Karena Ng and more. It is directed by Wilson Yip and will hit theaters on Christmas eve. scroll down to check out the teaser.