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September 2015


“The Screening Room Episode 3” (9-27-2015)

Audio, Screening Room TV, Video

Welcome to The Screening Room! For those of you who don’t know who we are, we are New York’s greatest place for all things film! We bring you a show that broadcasts on Sunday mornings at 10 am! We…


“Mission Impossible Rogue Nation” breaks Box Office Records

Edward Delaney, News, News Articles

By Edward Deleney 9/28/15 “Mission Impossible” fans everywhere were happy to enjoy the fifth instalment in the franchise over the summer. In China Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was the highest grossing 2D film in the country’s history. The reason China…


Neighbors 2 adds Billy Eichner

Lyndsay Crescenti, News, News Articles

By Lyndsay Crescenti 9/28/15 Neighbors 2 has added a new comedian to its line up. Billy Eichner has joined the cast, starring alongside franchise returners Seth Rogan, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, as well as recent additions Chloe Grace Mortez and…


“Bridge of Spies” releases a new trailer

Danielle Moskowitz, News, News Articles

By Danielle Moskowitz 9/27/15 The second trailer for DreamWorks Pictures’ Bridge of Spies was just released. Bridge of Spies tells a story inspired by true events. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film is based around the Cold War. The Soviet…


“Shaun the Sheep 2” in the works

Mandela Wells, News, News Articles

By Mandela Wells @MwellsDJ 9/27/15 This past August saw the release of the stop motion feature flick Shaun the Sheep. The movie surprisingly ended up to be one of StudioCanal’s most successful releases this year. The film surpassed the $100…


Lily Rose Depp joins “The Dancer”

Megan McGuire, News, News Articles

by Megan McGuire 9/26/15 The Dancer, a drama based o the life of performer Loie Fuller, has cast its main dancer: Lily-Rose Depp. The young star joins a cast of international stars such as Gaspard Ulliel, Melanie Thierry, Francois Damiens,…


Prometheus sequels are coming according to Ridley Scott

Frank Deluca, News, News Articles

By Francesco DeLuca 9/25/15 Ridley Scott recently revealed that the new title for the next film in the Prometheus series will be called Alien: Paradise Lost. Like the last film, Alien: Paradise Lost will have literary influence, taking from the…

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