By Mandela Wells



Back in 2006 Death Note a renowned manga comic out in Japan, was turned into a 37 episode anime series. The show was about a brilliant high school student named Light Yagami who stumbles upon a dangerous book that grants him the power to kill anyone he chooses by simply writing their name within the pages. Light becomes power drunk and kills multiple bad guys but however his actions catch the attention of the law particularly a keen unorthodox officer named L who makes it a mission to hunt him down. The show became very popular and was a hit. The show also spawned multiple live action films shot in Japan. Now for the first time in America the show is being brought to the big screen in live action as Paper Towns Nat Wolff is set to star in it.

Although it is not clear if he will play Light Yagami he will indeed play a student who tumbles upon a notebook that allows him the ability to kill others by simply writing their name on one of the pages. Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs, Roy Lee, and Masi Oka will be producing alongside the films director with Adam Wingard. Warner Bros. will distribute the film which is set to begin production next spring. No word currently on the rest of the cast.

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