By Mandela Wells



Last Sunday Tracy Morgan made his grand return at the Emmy’s which earned him a standing ovation. Tracy said in his speech that he is beginning to feel like his old self again. Although he cracked a joke about this saying “ya’ll women goin get pregnant at the after party” this is a sign that Morgan is set to go back to work and he has already landed a role in a new film. The film is known as Fist Fight. Morgan joins Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Dean Norris, and Jillian Bell in the comedy picture a mild-mannered teacher (Day) who gets himself into a kerfuffle with a more intimidating educator (Cube)  who then challenges our protagonist to an actual fist fight. Norris is set to play the school principal, Morgan may possibly play another teacher who is the middle of the dispute and Jillian Bell is set to play a guidance counsler.

Later this month in Georgia is when Fist Fight will begin its production. The film will be released sometime next year.