By Mandela Wells



I’ve watched a lot of Gangster films and always the feds are the kryptonite to gangster and criminal organizations and or families. So imagine my surprise to find out there was gangster who actually worked with the FBI and managed to do whatever he wanted and when he was found out to have alluded them for years. This man was real life gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. Black Mass takes us into a darker boston than we have ever seen and into a time and reality when this intimidating blue eyed man roamed the streets. Johnny Depp takes his transformative acting skills and puts them on full display as he fully becomes Bulger and lucky for him he is surrounded by a talented cast that helped play out this unique and incredible story.

Based on a true story the movie begins with the testimony of Kevin Weeks one of Bulgers former associates. He starts out telling how he first came across Jimmy and it was after watching him try to fight off three men outside the Triple O’s bar. Just when you think the story is one Weeks and what he saw of Jimmy through his eyes we fortunately cut to John Connolly and from there its Connolly and Bulger the rest of the film. Through out the picture we look at the alliance between the two and the many years Bulger played the FBI, Connolly covering for his crimes and when Whitey eventually fled south boston. The film also looks at Bulgers personal life with his girlfriend Lindsey and his brother Billy.

So I thinks its safe to say what a Stunning, dark, absolutely great motion picture! Much darker than I expected. Fantastic screenplay. I mean I think this is the only gangster film where you see the head boss work with the FBI the sworn enemies of every gangster and crime organization that has ever lived. The screenplay also asks the question of how long can one turn a blind eye to evil before they crack and give in to trying to end it. Noticed almost every character had blue eyes wonder if that was intentional. Good lighting and Great dark score from Tom Holkenberg

Johnny Depp gives an incredible performance. absolutely riveting. this man has redeemed himself greatly and is back in rare form. He was intense, sinister, brutal and vicious. I mean he at times looked so soulless and kinda was when he killed people. those blue eyes made me think of an animal or a beast. When he spoke it was not only deep and really chilling but it sounds a little bit like growl. He would look at you and you would have no idea what he was gonna do but you knew there is a chance he might be the last man you ever see. Joel Edgerton gives such a layered performance. his character story, even if you didn’t know it you knew what was coming and seeing how much he lied and covered for whitey is really something. Rest of the cast did a superb job here

Black Mass is in my opinion the First definite Oscar contender right here for best picture and best actor for Depp. Definitely worth seeing!

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