By Mandela Wells



One thing that was missing from the last Point Break trailer was Johnny Utah’s interactions and relationship with Bodhi and his crew. The 2nd trailer (which was released this week) does its job of highlighting that while at the same time providing more of the plot. Unlike the 1991 original Bodhi’s crew is attempting something known as “The Ozaki 8″ which according to Utah in the trailer are three crimes on three continents that honors the forces of nature. As Utah delves into the crew he begins to enjoy the thrill of what Bodhi’s people do and even clasps hands together with the man showing that a bond has been made. Yet at the same time he is a cop and he has to eventually bring these guys in.

Just as the last trailer there is tons of action from surfing a huge wave out in the sea, to sky diving out of a cargo plane while stealing and then “Liberating” millions of dollars, to mountain biking across small canyons. The trailer makes it known that the action is on a whole other level than the original film that featured Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

Luke Bracey plays Johnny Utah in the film while Edgar Ramirez plays Bodhi. Joining the two are Ray Winstone and Teresa Palmer. The film is directed by Ericson Core and written by Kurt Wimmer. Point Break dives into theaters Christmas Day. Scroll down to check out the new trailer.