By Mandela Wells



I couldn’t be more happy to hear this news from X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg. Ladies and gentleman the man that produced the last 4 “X-Men” films (Minus X-Men and X2: United) has confirmed that Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds and Gambit played by Channing Tatum will crossover with the X-Men team in the later future! Based on the comic book history its about time these two interacted more with that large crew of mutants. I mean we already have seen Gambit and Deadpool interact with Wolverine even fought him *cough cough* X-Men: Origins Wolverine *Cough Cough* but there are so many other storylines involving those two and the X-Men. The biggest example is Rogue and Gambit’s relationship that Gambit is also famous for along with his appearance and cards.

From a cinematic point of view it works i mean X-Men: Days of Future Past was a game changer for this mutant world we have gotten the pleasure of viewing. Kinberg even states “The idea is that we’ve sort of reset the timeline after Days Of Future Past in some ways, and if not erased, certainly allowed for change from ’X1,’ ’2,’ ’3,’ everything from ’Days of Future Past’ forward, 1973, everything we set now becomes canon,” he explained. “So the Gambit movie, the Deadpool movie, will exist in a world that acknowledges whatever happened in Days Of Future Past and moving forward. Doesn’t mean they’ll always interact with those characters, obviously, it’s not like every movie has all the characters, but they all have to exist within the same rules.” This may mean we could see the X-Force happen or other X-Men like teams

I personally would love to see the more comedic Deadpool that Reynolds has created banter with Wolverine, whomever that maybe in the future since Hugh Jackman is getting ready to no longer play that role and even more so to see Channing Tatum interact with Jean, Rogue, Cyclops and even beast and hell even The Professor. There are going to be some interesting developments here.

For now Deadpool is set to released February 12th, 2016 while Gambit will get an October 7th 2016 release.