By Mandela Wells



You know sometimes on a Friday night when your bored or just if your in a real chill mood you want to pop in a flick with a nice well structured story and maybe a little romance with it as well. Sleeping with Other People supplies that while at the same time taking another interesting look at complex relationships with out the emotion in it…well at least for certain period of time in the film. Alongside Alison Brie, Jason Sudiekis play out a well written characters with commitment issues and with a past that comes full circle. Entertaining and enjoyable sleeping with other people is great fall film.

Jake (Sudiekis) and Lainey (Brie) are two people who back in college lost their virginity to each other but soon drifted apart. Jake went on to become a womanizer while Lainey developed a bad habit of cheating on men. Years later the two reunite and while there is still a mutual attraction the two try and form a platonic relationship.

It’s a nicely written story about two people who just cant seem to date or be in the proper relationship that they want to be in and it provides a really intriguing story. Jason Sudiekis and Alison brie have really good chemistry together. Sudiekis’s character is almost like the one he’s played in horrible bosses but more refined, witty and it comes off as a serious but hilarious problem he has that he just enjoys women. Overall he did a fantastic job this is actually one of my more favorite performances from him. Alison brie is actually kinda cute is almost like a mirror image of Sudiekis here but she comes off as just being uncommitted and just cant really focus her drive so to speak on one person

Great script. Liked the music in here too. Lesyle headland really directs these characters in a smooth and charming way here.

A Solid 4 star indie flick that you gotta see.

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