By Mandela Wells

After a breakout role in Me, Earl and the Dying Girl this past summer, British actress Olivia Cooke has been getting offered plenty of scripts including one for Star Wars Episode VII. She was also given one for Steven Spielberg’s next feature Ready Player One. After narrowing down the list to Cooke, Elle Fanning and Lola Kirke a decision was recently made and studios have decided to go with Cooke as their lead female for the flick.

Cooke will be playing the role of Art3mis a virtual friend and ally of Wade Watts, the story’s main protagonist.  The two embark on a quest that puts them both at odds with huge ruthless corporations who also want to claim OASIS for themselves.

Currently the actor playing Wade has not yet been chosen despite Spielberg saying he wanted to find that person at the same time the female lead was chosen. Only time will tell who will play Mr. Watts.

Ready Player One is set to be released December 15th, 2017.