By Sara Whitman

There is much hype around Jake Gyllenhaal’s newest movie, Nocturnal Animals. Gyllenhaal got his start with Zodiac, Source Code, and End of Watch. He really started to gain attention with Nightcrawler, which was followed by Southpaw, Everestand upcoming movie Demolition.

One factor greatly contributing to the excitement about Nocturnal Animals is its star-studded cast. Variety recently reported that Isla Fisher (Hot Rod) is in talks to join the cast alongside Amy Adams (The Master). The ensemble also features Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger).

An additional excitement surrounding the film is the fact that there was a fierce bidding war for its worldwide distribution rights at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Focus Features was the champion of that battle.

You may ask, “Why is this such a sought-after film?” Nocturnal Animals is an adaptation of Austin Wright’s 1993 novel Tony and Susan, which has a fascinating yet strange story-within-a-story concept. The plotline of the book goes like this: the main woman, Susan (Adams), received a manuscript from her ex-husband of 20 years because, as he notes, she was always his best critic. The ex-husband’s name is Tony and will be played by Gyllenhaal. Things take a dramatic turn when Susan finds herself mesmerized by Tony and becomes entangled in visions of her old life as she reads the script, while Tony retreats to Maine with his family and ultimately finds death along the way. Tony’s new wife will be played by Isla Fisher.

Tom Ford, who previously directed A Single Man which starring Colin Firth, will oversee Nocturnal Animals. Gyllenhaal is represented by WME.

There has been no declaration of when Nocturnal Animals will be released, but we can expect production next year with a release in 2017.