By Will Tarashuk

@Will Tarashuk

Roadhouse! Remember Patrick Swayze in the 1980’s classic, Roadhouse? Well, imagine Ronda Rousey in the reboot. Well, it’s happening. The story of Roadhouse is one of a bouncer who is hired to clean up the craziest bar in Missouri. After a businessman comes into town it’s up to our hero to save the day.

Following the recent trend of rebooting 80’s classics, Rousey reached out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, for her blessing before signing on for the role. Niemi must have given it the ok because production will start in 2016 with Rhonda Rousey set to be the star.

Rousey is currently one of the biggest names in the UFC and is also playing herself in her own biopic My Fight/Your Fight. Rousey has proven herself in the octagon and her done her fair share of movies roles under her belt. She appeared in Furious 7 and Entourage already this year while training for her fights. The Roadhouse reboot may be her biggest test in her acting but if she is as good a actress as she is a fighter then expect great things in the future. A release date has yet to be determined.