By Danielle Moskowitz

Jake Gyllenhaal is shown in the recently released trailer for Jean-Marc Vallee’s Demolition. Past Oscar nominees Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts will be starring in this film. Jean-Marc Vallee repertoire has included both Dallas Buyers Club and Wild. Gyllenhaal, who is one of Hollywood’s most reliable stars, plays an average man who loses his wife in a car accident. The trailer starts with Gyllenhaal’s character, Davis Mitchell, a successful business investor, writing a letter and complaining to a vending machine company on how M&Ms got trapped in the machine. This happened while Mitchell was in a hospital waiting room. After the hospital scene, Mitchell is seen in a car with a woman who we later find out is his wife. There was a car accident and it turned out that his wife died in it. Throughout the rest of the trailer, he tries to find ways to cope with his wife’s death. He soon realizes that he never fully appreciated her. His strict father-in-law (Oscar-winner Chris Cooper) tries to get Mitchell back to reality but Mitchell realized he was the only one who can get better. Gyllenhaal is going through another story where he loses his wife. He recently starred in Southpaw. Demolition will be getting a special world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival at the end of September. It will not be a factor in this year’s Oscar race. The release date for theaters is in April 8, 2016.