By Danielle Moskowitz

I was pretty skeptical about going to go see Straight Outta Compton in theaters. I remember watching the trailer and knowing absolutely nothing about the rappers or the plot of the story. Let me just say that I am not a huge fan of rap music. I rather listen to Of Monsters and Men or Passion Pit rather than Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne. However, once Friday came along last week, my friend made me go see it for her birthday. Her argument was that I owed her a movie after all the times I dragged her to go see a Nicholas Sparks’ movie or an action film. I was trying to think of ways out of it when finally I just sucked it up and went and boy, am I glad that she made me go.

The film started out by showing the lifestyles of the four rappers before they became famous. First, they showed Eazy E as a drug dealer in a dangerous situation, also known as Eric Wright, played by Jason Mitchell. Next came the introduction of Dr. Dre as he left his house after his mother yelled about how disappointed she was in him, also known as Andre Young, played by Corey Hawkins. Finally, the introduction of Ice Cube came as he witnessed a life and death situation in his school bus, also known as O’Shea Jackson, played by his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. MC Ren, also known as Lorenzo Jerald Patterson, played by Alldis Hodge and the producer DJ Dj Yella also known as Antoine Carraby, played by Neil Brown Jr. were introduced later on in the film. These five individuals meet and form a hip hop group with the help of Jerry Heller and Eazy E. They soon get a deal with Priority Recoads and start working on the classic album called Straight Outta Compton. The film focused on their biggest achievements and worse downfalls as a group. Soon another, like most bands, the five members started splitting up and created their own path due to money issues.

The film surprised me and I left wanting to know much more about N.W.A. I feel as though every actor played their part well in the movie and I felt as though the actors were believable for the part that they played. As a whole, I definitely felt like Ice Cube was my favorite character in the film and I was amazed at how well Ice Cube’s son acted as his father. This story was definitely made into a fantastic movie and I feel as though everyone should go see Straight Outta Comption before it leaves the theater. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

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