By Mandela Wells

A brand new film adaptation of a book is in the works. Walt Disney Pictures is set to adapt the book series Artemis Fowl into a movie. Talks of adapting this book series has gone on for over 14 years and now it is finally happening. Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh is allegedly going to be the director for the new film while Irish playwright Conor McPherson will allegedly pen the script. Branagh is however set to produce the project.

Artemis Fowl revolves around the titular character. Fowl is a small, cunning, brilliant 12-year-old criminal mastermind. Fowl looks to extort gold from a secret group of Fairies. However, this plan puts him in direct conflict with some of the most vicious and dangerous creatures on the planet. Throughout all eight books, Artemis Fowl is portrayed as an anti-hero, but he evolves and even ends up working with the fairies to try and stop the villains from destroying the planet.

No word has been mentioned as far as castings go and the production starting date has yet to be announced.