By Mandela Wells

Most apocalyptic movies have a sense of despair, murkiness and an eerie atmosphere. And of course usually they involve some kind of cataclysmic event that goes down. In Z for Zachariah the atmosphere is indeed eerie but at the same time serene. Zachariah hones in its focus on the people who survived the massive change in the world and throws in a complication just to make their current situation even more difficult. Packed with three stellar performances and superb directing Z for Zachariah is a GREAT apocalyptic picture.

Ann is a young country girl who survived a major disaster that killed off most of the human population. She survives every day using skills her dad taught her and one day she for the first time in ages comes across another human being who survived. The man’s name is John Loomis and although it starts off shaky the two come to treasure each others company as the plan to rebuild a few things. However the situation becomes complicated when they meet a mysterious man named Caleb. The three all engage in a heavily charged love triangle that leads to some interesting developments in the midst of this murky wasteland.

A really Well shot and directed picture. It had times was almost filmed like a found footage style movie. It was very real and really human. Really exquisite. Great score that music alone really gives the feeling of days long past. The mood is both eerie and serene. Its surprisingly not a scenery full of despair but a place that could one day see hope. But that’s not what we focusing on it’s the relationships here.

Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor are incredible together. All worked so well off each other. These all have many layers that get pealed down as the movie progresses. Robbie’s Ann was really vulnerable but knew how to survive which makes her not as weak as we might think at first. She still at the end of the day craves the kind of life she once had and hopes to rebuild in more ways than one. Chris Pine’s Caleb is the most intriguing of the three as you don’t really know what to make of him for a bit. He also really has a questionable demeanor about him. He is the monkey wrench in the relationship between John and Ann and just in a situation like this three people two men one girl the situation gets complicated real quick. Ejifor is a the definition of a scientist here. Loomis is always looking for answers finding a way to solve the mysteries of nature and particular the nature of this mysterious and ominous setting that is this apocalyptic wasteland. But he is weary and keeps his eye open for anything that could go wrong. He also has a dark past so hes pretty multi layered

The script is soooo flawless and well thought out. within the dialogue spoken by our three leads we see a broken down fundamental version of us as humans what we are at the core. Our needs, desires and our willingness to survive by building what we need but also our temptations.

Really loved it! getting me excited now for when Margot takes another big turn in Suicide Squad. Overall go see it you will not be disappointed.

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