By Jeanned’Arc Sanbar

Well J.K Simmons is back in the news as Kevin Pollak makes his directorial debut in a Film called Late Bloomer. The film will also star Johnny Simmons (original choice for the drummer in Whiplash), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2), and Jane Lynch (Glee). Production has begun in Los Angeles and will later move to Bulgaria. The story follows E Correspondent, Ken Baker, who documented his story in his 2001 Memoir “Man Made: A memoir of My Body”. He spoke about experiencing puberty for the first at the age of 30. The late blooming was due to a tumor that delayed his puberty. Johnny Simmons will play the lead character of a sex therapist and JK Simmons, the parent of the boy.

The Movie is expected to come out next year.

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