By Mandela Wells

Actor Gabriel Chavarria has just been added to the upcoming installment of the current “Planet of the Apes” franchise, War of the Planet of the Apes. For those who are not familiar with Chavarria he began his career in 2007’s Freedom Writers alongside Hilary Swank. After a few single episode performances in series such as Southland, Prime Suspect and Major Crimes, he got a recurring role as Jacob Aguilar on the show East Los High. In the coming months we may see him finally break out as a full blown film star as he has a key role opposite Oscar nominee Demian Bichir in director Ricardo de Montreuil’s Low Riders.

Chavarria and Andy Serkis are so far the only confirmed actors for this sequel film. Chavarria’s role in War of the Planet of the Apes is said to be as important as James Franco‘s in Rise of The Planet of the Apes, which for those who haven’t seen was a major role. Not much plot details have been released but one can assume that there will be a war between the humans and the primates. War of the Planet for the Apes is on pace to be in theaters on July 14, 2017, with production said to start in October.