By Mandela Wells

After a few years of appearing in direct to video films, Ving Rhames returned to the big screen last month with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, marking somewhat of a come back for the 56 year old actor from Harlem. Now Rhames is keeping the momentum rolling as he is set to star in a new comedy called “Bastards” alongside Owen Wilson, J.K Simmons and former pro football player Terry Bradshaw.

The story focuses on two brothers played by Wilson and Helms. Their eccentric mother raised them to believe their father died when they were young. When they find out this is a lie, they set out to find their real father. Simmons and Bradshaw play the father figures for these two brothers and Bradshaw will actually play himself here. Rhames in the movie will play a former teammate of Bradshaw in the film.

“Bastards” will be the directorial debut of cinematographer Larry Sher from the “Hangover” films. Although no release date has been mentioned filming is set begin in Atlanta and Miami sometime in September.