By William Tarashuk

Remember when Hollywood would reboot a franchise after a few decades? Yeah, those were the days. It was announced that Zorro will be getting a reboot set for 2016. The already stacked slate for 2016 can add a reboot nobody expected and even fewer probably want. However, there is a twist to this story, Zorro will take place in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The previous Zorro film came out in 2005 and the one before that in 1998. Now, only 10 years later audiences can try and look forward to yet another Hollywood reboot. A new partnership between Lantica Media and Sobini Films hopes to bring new life to the franchise with a futuristic element. Lantica Media will be providing the funding while Sobini will produce the next film in the franchise.

Traditionally Zorro is a hero of the people. He defends the poor and peasants from tyranny. The idea is to stick to the roots, but with a futuristic look. Filmmakers hope to please their old fans with the common theme but bring in a new generation of Zorro fans with something refreshing. The film has no director as of yet but it does have a title. Zorro Reborn is still in the early stages of production but expect more news to come out soon.