By Sara Whitman

Rebecca Ferguson is in conversation with DreamWorks to join thriller The Girl on the Train opposite Emily Blunt.

The Girl on the Train follows a woman named Rachel who admires a “perfect” couple she witnesses on her commute to London. She flips from fantasizing about the couple to being entangled in the couple’s drama and the murder mystery of Megan Hipwell.

Ferguson, who played IIsa Faust in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, will score the role of Anna, the mistress to the man in the “perfect” couple. Blunt was the first to grab the first of three female leads in the film and will portray Rachel.

Tate Taylor has been slotted to direct since May. Erin Cressida Wilson will adapt Paul Hawkins’ debut novel for the screen. Movie rights were acquired by DreamWorks last year, prior to the book’s publication. Marc Platt will produce, while Jared LeBoff of Marc Platt Productions will executive produce.

Ferguson most recently finished the Stephen Fears-directed dramedy Florence Foster Jenkins alongside Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. ICM Partners, Charles Collier at Tavistock-Wood and Laura Munsterhjelm at Actors in Scandinavia represent Ferguson.

The Girl on the Train will be released in 2016.