By Nick Hintz

Pixar’s long-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo will splash into theaters next year. Recently at Disney’s D23 Expo, Ellen DeGeneres and others revealed more details about the studio’s upcoming release, Finding Dory. The film will reunite Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) with Nemo and Marlin (Albert Brooks) on a search for answers about her past and where her parents are. Although the story takes place only six months after the events depicted in Finding Nemo, since the first film opened in theaters twelve years ago, the voice of Nemo has been recast and will be voiced by Hayden Rolence (Alexander Gould, who voiced Nemo in the original is now 21 years old). Additionally, Dianne Keaton and Eugene Levy will be voicing Dory’s parents, Ed O’Neill will voice a cantankerous octopus named Hank, Ty Burrell will voice a misguided beluga whale named Bailey, and Kaitlin Olsen will voice a kind-hearted whale shark named Destiny. During the presentation, two scenes from the film were shown. One involved Dory, Nemo and Marlin revisiting their friendship while Dory begins to remember things about her past and her family that she didn’t know she knew. The other showed a humors scene between Dory and Hank with Hank not being sure how to handle Dory’s short-term memory loss. Finding Dory will land in theaters on June 17, 2016.