By Mandela Wells

In one of the more surprising moves made by Studio exec’s, not one but two sequels are in the works to the 1981 Academy Award winning picture Chariots of Fire. The sports drama that won the big prize at the 1982 Oscar ceremony was about two foreign track runners English-Jew Harold Abrahms and Scottish Christian Eric Liddell. The film covered the lives of both men including their time in the 1924 Olympics out in Paris.

The names of these two sequels to Chariots of Fire are Absolute Surrender and The Last Race.

 “Surrender” is based on a screenplay written by Eric Eichinger and Howard Klausner, and it will follow Eric Liddell as he follows his parents’ footsteps looking to become a Christian missionary in China. Unfortunately, aggression from the Japanese in 1941 made the country very dangerous to live at. At the same time Liddell’s wife was pregnant but his family were able to safely escape to Canada, Liddell unfortunately wound up being in the internment camp where he died.

The Last Race is expected to portray the same events, but with less focus on Eric Liddell’s faith. The movie is mainly a Chinese production, and the country’s communist government has been promoting atheism for many years. Hong Kong director Stephen Shin is will be both writing the script and helming the picture with Canadian filmmaker Michael Parker. The movie will be filming in both Britain and China. Unlike Absolute Surrender, which doesn’t even have a director nor cast lined up just yet, The Last Race will have Joseph Fiennes playing the lead role in the movie.

Neither film currently has a set release date.