By Mandela Wells

One of the more obese characters in the X-Men world will once again appear in a “X-Men” film. That’s right Fred Dukes A.K.A The Blob will appear in next year’s X-Men Apocalypse. Fred Dukes has already appeared once before in X-Men Origins Wolverine back in 2009 as he was portrayed by Kevin Durand.

This time around, we will see The Blob as a 540 pound, French-Canadian man. Nothing has been said as far as how the supervillain will factor into the plot just yet, but in the comics he was depicted as an “obese circus freak” who claimed he was “immovable.” His overtly large body mass grants him not only durability but superhuman strength. He is best known as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants that Magneto himself ran back in the comics.

X-Men Apocalypse will see the young versions of Professor X, Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver, Jean Grey, Cyclops and a few others take on the almighty Mutant known as Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen one of which is Magneto. The movie is directed by Bryan Singer and stars a huge cast that includes James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawerence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Oscar Issac and many others. The film will hit theaters May 27th, 2016.