By Mandela Wells

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back! the two reunite for the Ride Along sequel Ride Along 2. The first trailer is officially and we start with a scene seemingly fit for a “Fast and Furious” film. Cars are parked everywhere and to make it more like “Fast and Furious we get a cameo from Tyrese Gibson as him and Cube’s character Detective James Payton are working an undercover job when Kevin Hart’s character the newly made Officer Ben Barber, hilariously manages to blow their cover and a shootout ensues.

The plot is next revealed as Ben and James are going to be sent down to Miami to stop a major drug dealer. At the same time Ben is getting ready to marry James’s Daughter but before that happens they must take part in this case. In the trailer we see that the two will be joined by Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong and members of the Miami P.D. Lots of hilarity ensues include Ben smacking James and James smacking him back while both are undercover.

Ride Along 2 is once again directed by Tim Story and along with Cube, Hart, Jeong and Munn, Benjamin Bratt, Sherri Shepard, Glen Powell also make up the cast as well and the movie will feature cameos from Miami Heat stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The film will hit theaters January 15, 2016. Scroll down to check out the trailer.