By Mandela Wells

Gillian Flynn is a masterful writer. I mean Gone Girl was superb reading for me. She masterfully mixed mystery with sinister tones in an effective and suspenseful way. Dark Places obviously is a different story but maintains both the mystery and sinister tones. While many believe it was a let down from the incredible Gone Girl movie, Dark Places still turned out to be a really good motion picture with a talented cast.

This Gillian Flynn story follows Libby Day (Charlize Theron) a young woman who was there when her entire family was killed. All except her brother Ben (Corey Stoll and Tye Sheridan playing a young Ben) who ended up getting 28 years in jail for allegedly killing them. Libby solely believes Ben did it especially since he never filed for an appeal. Libby gets a call and meets a guy named Lyle (Nicholas Hoult) who is apart of a club of crime solvers known as the kill club. Lyle suspects that Ben did not commit the murders. Reluctantly Libby agrees to let him and the club help solve this crime that has haunted her her entire life. The movie also goes back and forth between present day and key flashbacks that help piece together what really happened.

It is quite different than gone girl in more ways than one. For starters The editing wasn’t too shabby well timed with the flashbacks. Interesting usage of lighting for the flashbacks. The directing was much different and even utilized at a time some found footage style directing to give it more of a horror esque feel.

The acting was real good from everyone in the cast. Corey Stoll who plays the older Ben Day nails every scene he is in and its only a handful. Tye Sheridan did great as a young Ben . Now Charlize Theron the main star really made this character have so many dimensions to her it was really something. Chloe Grace Moretz who played a girl named Diondra in her gave probably her most sexually charged/darkest performance to date. Nicholas Hoult was tremendous and did a great job bringing this character to life

All in all I think the only real issue is it doesn’t have the same level of shock value as gone girl but it’s still pretty good. If you take the time to let your curiosity run wild with this film think you’ll enjoy the results

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