By Joy Jones

Little is known of director Colin Treverrow’s latest production Book of Henry, but new reports suggest Naomi Watts will star in the film. Watts is reportedly in the final stages of negotiations with Focus Features. The 47-year-old British actress recently completed Demolition alongside Jake Gyllenhal, as well as Lionsgate/EuropaCorp’s Shut In.

Treverrow joined Sidney Kimmel Entertainment for this project back in March. The Book of Henry has been progressing quickly since Treverrow completed his role as director for Jurassic World. Treverrow says he is excited to be working with a script that is “truly original”. Book of Henry is written by Gregg Hurwitz, writer of “Tell No Lies” and “Don’t Look Back.” Details concerning the plotline of Book of Henry are currently being kept secret. Filming is expected to begin this September in New York.

Executive producers for Book of Henry include Sidney Kimmel Entertainment’s Carla Hacken and Jim Tauber; co-producing is Double Nickel Entertainment’s Jenette Kahn and Adam Richman. The project is being independently financed by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Focus Features.

Watts is being represented by CAA, Markham, Froggatt and Irwin and Untitled Entertainment. Treverrow is represented by Verve, 3 Arts and Ginsburg Daniels.

Treverrow is still relatively new to the directing game. Treverrow had only directed one film (sci-fi indie Safety Not Guaranteed), before taking on Jurassic World.