By Mandela Wells

About a decade ago I was interested as a young kid in checking out the first Fantastic Four film just because its superheroes and who doesn’t love them? I for some reason left the theater having actually liked the movie. Same thing with Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Glad to say years later in my late teens I came to see how truly silly and stupid both movies were. Now I don’t mind hearing or seeing Jessica Alba naked but seriously they had to run the gag of her being “Completely” invisible as the invisible woman….REALLY?? on top of that it was a lot of no names at the time and the movies were just badly crafted.

Hearing a reboot was being made I was a tiny bit hoping they would improve it. Then the strange casting and concept came around and I was slightly turned off. Yet I still wanted to see if it could prove me wrong. Unfortunately this film did more than prove me right it went beyond. This comic book picture was god awful!

This new reboot tells the story of the fantastic four as young adults, some fresh outta high school. Reed Richards (Miles Teller) a gifted scientist and outcast is asked by Dr. Baxter (Reg E Cathy) to come and work on a teleportation device that sends things to another dimension. Reed ends up meeting Susan Storm (Kate Mara), Dr. Baxter’s adopted daughter and later Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) another scientist like reed and sue but more gloomy and dickish. Hot head johnny storm (Michael B Jordan) joins in and together they create the machine. One drunken night victor, reed, johnny and reeds childhood friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) all test it out themselves and the results become disastrous even for sue who found herself in the right place at the wrong time. This incident becomes a blessing and a curse for the four as they become the Fantastic Four.

This was no where near fantastic, absolute garbage. Really abysmal plot. Despite not reading many of the comics I think this story really veered into some territory that has in no way a relation to the old fantastic four of the comics or at least something familiar to us. Like for example I don’t recall ever hearing this team being used by the government for missions. I think it should have been longer it felt rushed near the end

Dr Doom looked so bad here he just looked stupid the design of his costume was so crappy and done horribly. The Costume designer should have been fired when he presented that to the director. Miles Teller is a terrible leader he gave such cheesy loser esque lines. I think Johnny and Sue’s relationship should have been explored more. I will say the movie improved in tone and in the execution of the invisible woman and not using the stupid naked invisible woman gag. Kate Mara actually managed to make this role right and show off the brains of this woman. However this truly was terrible.

Do not go see this movie. As a matter a fact forget that you even knew about this movie having been rebooted.

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