By Mandela Wells

Since 1996 “Mission Impossible” has been a successful, sophisticated franchise with almost the same finesse as the James Bond least I think so. I started from 3 then 4 then went back to 1 and 2. Despite watching it out of order I cam to truly appreciate these fantastic Tom Cruise films. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation the 5th installment takes a little bit from the beginning and picks up from the momentum of the last one.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) returns once again to face a new challenge. After a highly entertaining opening we come to find hunt overseas chasing after an organization known as the syndicate a rogue nation trained to do what the IMF does. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond IMF is being shutdown by the CIA.Ethan tries to go after them alone but surprisingly for him ends up bringing back together members of his old crew such as Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and good ol Benji. Ethan also meets a mysterious but skilled woman named Illsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) who is seemingly a double agent. All of this results in a 2 hour joy ride with tons of action.

This film really Hasn’t missed a beat from any of the previous installments. verrrry thrilling and awesome. Well thought out plot here. The movie has a little bit from the first film as well as the last one. nice execution with the diabolical plan of the syndicate and the organization themselves.

Tom Cruise once again nails it as Ethan hunt. At this point we are dealing with a seasoned veteran here and yet he gets placed in situations that still challenge him. Couldn’t ask for a more entertaining method of keeping Hunt popular with fans. Rebecca Ferguson’s performance was reeeeeally nice, mysterious as well. very strong female writing for her. Sean harris was pretty creepy as this villainous character sinster at times too especially with that voice

Really well done action scenes. choregraphy was on point! .That underwater scene was mad suspenseful and even more so the plane scene I mean my god! Nice ending to the film as well.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation keeps the franchise going in great fashion. I honestly cant wait for the 6th film.

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